Marketers know that staying in the loop is make or break for their careers. Keeping up with trends is completely in the job description but any marketing professional knows just how difficult that can be. As it seems that Google launches a new update daily or a new social platform reigns supreme, staying up to date with the latest technological update is a challenge.

One of the best ways to remain up-to-date with the latest in tech is the keep up with some key tech sources. We’ve listed the top ten tech magazines to help keep you aware of the latest and greatest.


Wired is an American magazine with both online and in-print versions. Wired magazine focused on how technological innovations can affect the world we live in, including the arts, the economy, and the political sphere. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA and owned by Conde Nast. This is a go-to publication for updates on search engines, artificial intelligence, online security, and self-driving cars because it provides an array of updates across several tech categories.


This is the magazine for a computer lover if there ever was one. Although the name does suggest a focus on all things Windows, it does focus on other non-PC topics as well. So check out this magazine even if you are an ardent Mac fan.


This magazine provides the latest news covering tech topics like mobile apps, cloud storage, data servers, security, software, and computing. This publication is geared a towards the business and information technology professionals of the world. So go ahead and impress your coworkers by name-dropping the latest article you found!

Popular Science

Popular Science, also known as PopSci, carries tons of science information including general science news as well as technology. You can expect to find topics like Google glass usage in healthcare, plant-inspired robots, innovative security systems, and social media.

MIT Technology Review

The goal of MIT Technology Review is to inform its readers about the influence of technology on the world we live in today. This magazine aims to the create discussions around technological innovations that have impacted our lives and their positive and potentially negative effects.

Popular Mechanics

This is another popular magazine with a massive following. While typically known more for their coverage of cars and planes, this publication devotes special interest to technology. While much attention is devoted to robotics and drones, there are several fascinating articles that merge business and technology.

American Scientist

American Scientist is a quirky magazine that delivers technology news in an interesting way. This bi-monthly publication includes five articles in each edition, written by scientists who write on topics spanning from agricultural engineering to computer technology. In addition to articles, each issue includes cartoons.

Fast Company

Here’s a prominent American magazine that publishes articles covering business and technology. Fast Company is headquartered in NYC and owned by Mansueto Ventures. You’ll also find articles covering leadership and entertainment.


Heralded as the gadget website, T3 is the source for all gadget news and technology reviews. Go ahead and get your inner geek on with this source on everything tech news related. Trust us, you’ll find all the technology news you want and more!

Science Focus

The Science Focus is the part of the BBC Focus magazine. This magazine focuses on science and technology. Two current focuses are hacking and artificial intelligence. You never know what you might find out!


Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know so we can include it in our next edition.

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