Creating content to post… it’s a big deal. But does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with it?

When we have time and we are on top of everything, we love creating content. But when we are behind on life.. it’s the WORST.

For those days when your mind is completely blank, we’ve created this sure-fire calendar of Facebook content that’s ready for you to put your personal touch on.

Week 1

A Question

Ask a question and watch your engagement soar!

Quote From A Book

Prove you read more than just your newsfeed!

Your Mid-Day Snack

People love when you pull the curtain back and show what your noshing on!

Your Role Model

Who inspires you to be your best self? Give them a shoutout!

Industry Article

Share something relevant to your audience.

New App You Love

Who doesn’t love a good app recommendation?

Your To Do List

What are you accomplishing today?

Week 2

Industry Article With Opinion

Don’t just share… share your thoughts with it!

Facebook Live Q&A

Get on and ask your audience to fire away! Might be a good idea to do a little marketing prior to ensure you have an audience!

Go-to Coffee Order

People love when you’re relatable. What is your Starbucks treat of choice?

Your Pet

Who keeps you company through out the day? (Could just be a trusty plant!)

Fave Boss Babe

If you could have lunch with just one boss babe, who would it be?

A Logo You Love

Why do you love it and what makes it unique?

A Photo Of You

Are you at home working or in an office? Show us you in your space!

Week 3

Fave Pantone Color

There’s nothing we love more than a good hue.

Discuss A New Trend

Is there something new happening in your industry? It’s worth explaining it! You’ll help show that you’re an expert in your field.

Work Travel

Where have you been or where are you going?

FB Live Status Update

Let us know what you’re up to with a status update.

Share An Industry Article

Articles help show that you’re on top of trends. Share what you know!

Discuss A Struggle

Can’t find a manufacturer? Explain why!

Productivity Hack

Here’s one: put your phone on Do Not Disturb while editing.

Week 4

Live Q&A With Guest

Give your content a push with a friend.

Share A Fun Holiday

It’s National Something Day… make it work!

Post a Funny Meme

There are so many classics to choose from… Salt Bae is always relevant.

Highlight Your Logo

How’d you choose it and who made it?

Work/Life Balance Post

How do you keep it all going and have fun?

Call To Action Post

Ask a question that requires an answer!

Show A Recent Blog Post

Don’t let great content get shared only once.

Week 5

Post a Boomerang

Nothing is more fun than filming one of these!

Why You Started Your Biz

People love to hear about your background and passion.

Post A Funny Meme

No matter your industry, there’s a meme perfect for it.

Post a Selfie

People want to see the face behind the business!

Quote Time

How do you make it all work? Talk about how you get it all done.

Discuss Your Product

What are you selling, why does it work and why they need it!

Share A Fun Holiday

There are never a shortage of these… get creative and have FUN!


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