It’s awesome when it’s time to post on Instagram and you have a perfect idea. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to this adding an additional spring in our step but what happens when you’re in the opposite position?

Now, it’s time to post for your brand but you have no idea what to share…so what do you talk about?

For those dry spells, we’ve created this sure-fire calendar of Instagram content that’s ready for you to put your personal touch on.

Week 1

A Tutorial

Show your followers how to do anything! Whether it’s creating cool content or finding the perfect hashtags, show your followers what you know.

Flat Lay Of Work Must-Haves

Your notebook, laptop case, and favorite coaster could seem boring to you but if you take a picture of all your essentials, it makes for a cool Instagram post.

Your Work Station

People love when you pull the curtain back and show your office space.

Latest App You Love

Beaming over Grammarly or obsessing over Hashtagger? Share the apps you can’t live without!

Who Inspires You

A picture of Beyonce is sure to get a response.

Sneak Peek of Your Work

If you’re working on something cool, build up the suspense by dropping a few clues.

Quote You Love

If you need a place to start, you’re safe with anything by Sheryl Sandberg.

Week 2

A Fact From You Industry

Share something you just learned! People love new information.

Must Read Book

Reading a book you can’t put down? Don’t keep it to yourself.

Share Recent Fail

People love when you’re relatable. Share a recent failure to show your followers your authentic self.

A Photo Of You

We know selfies are awkward but maybe it’s time to take a new professional photo. Share it so those following you know what your mug looks like!

Behind The Scenes

Are people constantly asking “what do you do all day?” Show them! A Boomerang of you editing a post can go further than you think.

Explain Your Start

How did you get your start? Everyone loves a backstory.

What Makes You Tick

Are you obsessed with your planner and a fresh iced coffee? Snap a pic!

Week 3

Share A Recent Win

Go ahead and brag on yourself a bit.

Explain An Industry Trend

Is there something new happening in your industry? It’s worth explaining it! You’ll help show that you’re an expert in your field.

Share A Pet Photo

Have a faithful companion that keeps you company? Share a fun photo of them.

IG Live Your Work View

IG Live can be a bit overwhelming your first time. So give it a go with an easy one first: just show your work view!

#TBT TO Your First Job

Was your first job hilarious? Do you have a picture of yourself in a uniform? You need to share that ASAP.

Create Content For A Hashtag

Research trending hashtags and then create content specific to the hashtag.

Share A Co-Worker Pic

Share who keeps you company all day! Work alone? Snap a picture of your trusty coffee mug.

Week 4

Show A Recent Blog Post

Give your content a push with some shameless promotion.

Share What Is #NP

What’s queued up on your Spotify? Let your readers know what keeps you going.

Best Part Of Your Job

Got an email from a happy client? Share the good news.

Promo Product Or Service

Highlight your new products or offerings to remind everyone what it is that you do.

Why You Started Your Biz

Share the story that led to the creation of your business.

#FBF To An Old Blog Post

What’s your most read blog post of all time? Share it again and let everyone know why you think it’s gotten so many views.

Cool Facts To Share

Cool facts are cool facts! Whether it’s about your business, industry, or yourself, share away.

Week 5

IG Live Of Your Day

Ease back into the live posts by just giving an update on what you’re doing that day.

Call To Action Post

Post an image of something funny and ask people to tag someone that the post reminds them of.

Post A Funny Meme

No matter your industry, there’s a meme perfect for it.

Highlight Your Logo

Logos don’t always get enough love! Show yours and give a shoutout to the designer.

Work/life Balance Post

How do you make it all work? Talk about how you get it all done.

Offer A Live Q&A

Ask followers if they want to do a Live Q&A and ask for questions they want answers to!

Share A Fun Holiday

Is it National Donut Day? Treat yourself to a donut but snap a pic before you devour it!


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