If your social media strategy is feeling a bit stale, it’s time to mix things up. A great way to jumpstart your social media posts is by finding new and shareable content that your followers will find enjoyable. And what better way to do that than to create content around fun holidays?

Fun holidays have grown in popularity over the last few years. Every day there’s a new funky themed holiday that is trending on social media. Take advantage of this craze by adding your company’s voice to the conversation.

Below we share some holidays and what we think would make for compelling social media posts. #HappySocialMediaDay to you!

Random Holidays for Social Media

January 4 – Trivia Day

Share a piece of company trivia with your followers. Or better yet, share an industry tidbit that most people don’t know.

January 8 – Clean Off Your Desk Day

This is an easy one! Clean your desk and snap a photo to share on your Instagram story with the hashtag.

January 13 – Make Your Dreams Come True Day

There’s no better day to share your founder’s story than this one. Explain where their passion came from and how they got to where they are today.

January 23 – Handwriting Day

Share your favorite quote on Twitter by taking a picture of your favorite quote in your handwriting. It’s visual and adds a personal touch.

February 12 – Clean Out Your Computer Day

Find the person in your office with the least organized computer and start filming and Instagram Live of them organizing their computer!

February 17 – Random Act of Kindness Day

Encourage your followers by sharing what your brand did as a random act of kindness. For extra impact, include the #PayItForward so more people feel inspired by your good deed.

March 8 – Proofreading Day

Shock and awe your audience by taking a common quote and purposely misspelling every word. This is a tongue-and-cheek way of calling attention to the holiday and acknowledging the importance of proofreaders and copyeditors.

March 16 – Every Thing You Do is Right Day

There’s never any harm in encouraging others to take chances without fear of failure. Use this day to let your followers know that their way is the right way!

March 20 – World Storytelling Day

If you’re wanting to hire new employees, have current employees share how they joined the company. If you’re launching a new marketing campaign, explain the story behind the idea and why it resonates with your brand.

March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Self-explanatory… you do you.

April 1 – Fun at Work Day

Share your brand’s personality by highlighting a fun workday event.

April 16 – Wear Pajamas to Work Day

Encourage your employees to go all out and document the “winners” on social media. Bonus points if you encourage followers to send in their own pajama selfies!

May 11 – Eat What You Want Day

With thousands of social media accounts already devoted to food, go ahead and throw your hat in the ring by sharing food that’s in your brand’s colors.

May 12 – Limerick Day

Create a limerick for your brand.

Trust me, it will be oh so grand.

Five lines it will be,

For not just you and me,

But for all followers in the land.

June 4 – Leave the Office Early Day

Ask your social media followers to tag you on Facebook in photos of them sneaking out of the office early!

June 22 – Take Your Dog to Work Day

Puppies = Likes

June 23 – Typewriter Day

Share your fave quote but with a twist: Use a typewriter font.

July 1 – International Joke Day

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

A bee!

A bee who?

A B2C!

July 5 – Workaholics Day

Make it humorous by showing a colleague on their laptop while drinking a glass of wine at happy hour…#Goals.

July 17 – World Emoji Day


Aug 4 – Single Working Women’s Day

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Aug 9 – Book Lovers Day

Recommend some books to followers.

Aug 19 – World Photo Day

Get creative!

Sep 10 – Swap Ideas Day

Ask for followers to share any ideas they have for your brand!

Sep 13 – Positive Thinking Day

Reach into your inner zen and share what you find.

Sep 28 – Ask a Stupid Question Day

There are no stupid questions, just stupid…

Oct 7 – Frappe Day

We all know that caffeine fuels our days!

Oct 16 – Dictionary Day

Define your brand’s values on social media.

Oct 22 – Caps Lock Day


Nov 13 – World Kindness Day

Sharing the YouTube video of the Kid President will more than suffice.

Dec 26 – Thank You Note Day

Show your followers you care by sending some love their way!


We shared the above tips to help make your job a little easier. Still, let us know what you think of our tips. Here at Six Stories, we’d love to hear what worked for you!

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