It’s time to be completely honest; content marketing isn’t for the weak. It requires consistent attention and without that level of dedication, success will remain a distant goal.

One of the best ways to ensure success is to use creativity to craft compelling content for your audience. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to come up with a new angle or idea, we’ve got your back.

Here you’ll find 9 creative content marketing ideas, no matter what type of business you have!

Two Birds, One Stone

Struggling to deal with both Snapchat and Instagram Stories? Why not kill two birds with one stone? You can turn your Snapchats into Instagram Stories. It’s easy! Here’s a video that shows you how.

Daily Tips

What’s better than giving your audience advice? Sharing it daily! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just tweet something every morning that’s a quick tip to keep your followers and include a hashtag like #DailyTip or something similar.

Perform Trend Analysis

If you occasionally predict trends, follow-up on your predictions! No matter if you’re right or not, it’s insight that your audience will be interested in! If you thought that Instagram stories would be a huge failure, provide an update on why you were wrong and what you think now.

One Step At A Time

“How-To” posts are a dime a dozen but rarely are they actually any good at giving step-by-step guidance. Create a well done step-by-step guide that is all-encompassing. Whether you record the material or use specific images, your reader will thank you later.

All About The Reviews

What industry are you in? Choose a related product or service (just not a competitor!) to review. So if you run a hair salon, review your favorite shampoos and conditioners. It shows your expertise, personality, and readers will love it.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Research your top 5 most read blog posts and then create a new post highlighting all three. If they need updating, be sure to mention that to show that you’re maintaining your older posts.

Blast Those Myths

What are the 3 biggest myths surrounding your industry? It’s time to bust them. Bonus points if you turn it into a 3-part blog post series or email campaign.

Post A PDF

If Instagram has taught us anything it’s that people love visuals. So the next time you want to post a guide on a topic, turn it into PDF chock full of images explaining it further

Offer Free Downloads

Refer to the tip above to make this one work! Now that you’ve created a PDF guide, incentivize others to join your email distribution list by offering a free download. People love free things especially when they add value!


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