When it comes to food, we could talk about it all day. Starting with our favorite bagel shop to our must-have pizza toppings, we debate all day. Food is a happy topic associated with family, parties, holidays, and…marketing?

That’s right! Your favorite topic is more than just the flavor of the day, it’s becoming a leading example of companies that know how to make a big splash in the pool of marketing. If you’re looking to learn from some of the best marketers in the business, you don’t need to look further than your go-to fast food joint.

Burger King

When it comes to hot topics, nobody does it quite as well as Burger King! The fast-food giant took on a political issue earlier this year by using a creative tongue-in-cheek way of explaining Net Neutrality.

By forcing their customers to wait longer for a Whopper, the sneakily allowed people to learn for themselves what the ramifications of this issue could be. By keeping it humorous, they tackled a serious issue in a fun way, making their commercial unforgettable.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

If you think of spicy chicken and don’t think of KFC, that will soon change. KFC Hong Kong came up with a brilliant way to highlight their chicken and its spicy nature.

By finding images of explosions, KFC was able to photoshop pictures of their spicy fried chicken into scenarios that normally called fo smoke. Imagine seeing a picture of the space shuttle taking off only to realize the smoke at the bottom was really just pieces of fried chicken. Or better yet, a racecar accelerating with flames made of fried chicken shooting out of the exhaust pipe. Not only did the brand earn huge points for creativity, they helped their brand to become synonymous with spicy fried chicken.


When it comes to technology, a soft-drink company may not be the innovator you think of but this video will change your mind.

Smack-dab in the middle of Times Square, you can find a 3-D sign with Coca-Cola’s name all over it. This behemoth of a sign pushes the envelope by displaying a new and exciting technology. Pairing it with one of the world’s most beloved brands? Timeless.


What other food-related marketing and advertising moments did we miss? Share them with us! We’d love to learn from other creative marketers! 

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