How to Use Others’ Content to Benefit Your Sales Funnel

How to Use Others' Content to Benefit Your Sales Funnel

No one likes reading social media feeds where businesses only talk about themselves day after day. Sharing others’ content on your social media profiles is crucial to having a well-rounded social media presence. Mixing external content with your brand’s custom-made content is a great way to grow industry thought leadership and gain higher visibility through engagement with third parties.


Pinky Columbres

Pinky Columbres

Pinky is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Ecological and Environmental Engineering with mastery on Waste Water Management. She has worked for international companies for 12 years, then later shifted to virtual work to accommodate motherhood. Since then, she has been working virtually for different clients around the globe as a Project Manager, Recruiter, Customer Support and took up many other roles that help support her clients in their businesses. In her spare time, Pinky loves reading, swimming, and spending time with family.

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August 30, 2016