Having a good first impression is important in building relationships, whether it’s  in the office, classroom, or with friends. Unfortunately, most of the time, many of us fail to deliver that good first impression. We could have been nervous or not confident at that time so we could not express ourselves. This leaves the person a sense of doubt and aversion with you, which can last for a long time.

All of us had some bad first impressions from others. Who hasn’t? But the good news is it can be fixed. First impressions may be fast, powerful and lasting, but it can change and evolve through time, interaction, and a few other factors.

Here are some tips you can do to fix that bad first impression.

Be convinced that first impressions can change.

You may have started bad in that relationship with your boss or colleague, but through multiple interactions, impressions can and will change. Your perception for each other will grow the longer you know each other. Never let a bad first impression be an excuse for you to not invest in that relationship. Change happens when you first believe in yourself that it will happen.

Do everything to make that change, whether big or small.

After convincing yourself, you act on it. Do even the smallest things to increase the person’s trust. Remember that the smallest things are the most neglected yet the most important in fixing that bad impression. It signifies humility and value towards that person. And through time, you will build a comfortable atmosphere with that colleague. Be consistent in these things.

Ask the person for advice.

By doing this, you are validating that person’s knowledge and ability in his field, earning trust, and changing your bad first impression. It encourage cooperation, humility, and comfort for both of you. Even asking for the silliest advice on the most mundane thing can be that small thing into building that lasting relationship.

Remind the person of his or her open-mindedness.

When you positively reinforce and remind him of who he is, he will surely live up to that expectation. Compliment him on being fair and open-minded about evaluating people. Commend him when he has done something great in his work. This will remind the person of his open-mindedness on how he perceives you. This is called altercasting.

Ask for and be open to corrections.

Misunderstandings in the workplace is one of the leading killers in relationships, and having that bad impression only worsens the situation. Being straightforward asking for corrections and improvement promotes honesty. Being vulnerable to the person is one of the best ways to build trust and confidence.

Fixing a bad impression will truly take a lot of time depending on the person, but fixing it can be possible. Never give up. The reward of having great relationships is far greater than the anxiety of fixing that impression brings.

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