Social media marketing is now the new norm. The Internet has caused this shift from advertising through paperback newspapers and magazines to selling your product or service online. This enabled more people to dive in the market, start up their own business, and advertise online. People can now work in the comfort of their homes.

However, marketing through social media seems easy, but there are daunting challenges that you have to understand and eventually overcome. The attention span of your audience is shorter, and the market is teeming with competition, saturating the field. If they have better content and strategies than you, they will almost always attract what’s supposed to be your clients.

If you have no idea on how to start in social media marketing the right way, or you are struggling to stay in the game, then you have come to the right place. Kelsey has written three books on utilizing different social media platforms: How to Be Awesome at Social Media Giveaways, 6 Second Marketing: How Your Business Can Be Successful on Vine and The Complete Guide to Snapchat Marketing.

Learn How to Use Snapchat, Vine, and Giveaways to Engage Your Customers, Grow Your Audience, and Get More Traffic

These will help you to effectively engage your customers, grow your audience and get more traffic. Each contains a detailed background on the platform used, gives concise steps and practical tips, and presents real world examples on the businesses that become successful in using these platforms.

Each of the books are priced at $3.97 on Amazon, but Kelsey is offering my three book social media marketing bundle for only $9.99! That’s almost $2 off the original price. The most effective way to sell your product or service is to be present as many social media platforms as possible, and these three platforms work differently from each other. That’s why if you need to become better at giveaways and using pictures and videos, you will surely get the most value out of these books.

The great news is that the principles from the books work for almost all types of businesses. Whether you have a women’s clothing boutique, run an ice cream shop, or even operate a non-profit organization, my social media marketing book bundle will give you the insights you need to build better campaigns.

Get yours today!

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