The highly-anticipated State of Search 2016 conference in Dallas has recently concluded. Our founder (and founder of our sister company StoryShout), Kelsey Jones, was one of the esteemed speakers in this annual event.

During the event, she spoke about a very timely topic: How Local Businesses Can Use Pokemon Go and Social Media

Here are the slides and takeaways from Kelsey’s presentation:


  • Before starting your Pokemon Go campaign, know the platform before you market on it because avid users can sniff out posers.


Active Daily Users
Pokémon Go: 30 M (August 2016)

  • At its peak: 45 million daily active users

Facebook: 1.13 B (June 2016)
Instagram: 300 M
Snapchat: 60 M in US & Canada (September 2016), 150 M worldwide

Why Pokemon Go?

It can increase foot traffic by as much as 80% by:

  • taking advantage of gyms and PokeStops
  • setting lures
  • offering deals based on teams: Mystic, Valor, & Instinct
  • hosting meet-ups with discounts
  • Yelp integration

Pokemon Go Social Media Campaign Ideas:


  • See what users are geotagging you in posts then, offer promos for check-ins


  • Use geofilters by event or location for content repurposing


Use Geotagging to:

  • Interact with users and posts in your city, as well as your business
  • Answer questions, follow users, and be sure to geotag all your posts as well

Check for spelling errors:

  • Instead of searching for brand-only mentions, look for hashtags
  • Also look for misspellings of names & common terms or event name


It’s all about the hashtags.

  • Research a combo of local and industry “slang” terms
  • Search for local hashtags, and then pair them with your target phrases (e.g. #marketing or #farmersmarket)
  • Use search tools like Hashtagify
  • Be proactive with hashtag searching

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