Nowadays, it seems like the word “millennial” is thrown around pretty frequently. Although, it’s understandable given that millennials comprise 25% of the US population and have more than a trillion dollars worth of buying power. So it makes sense that so much time is devoted to trying to understand millennials and how to market to them.

Now, there is some debate as to the exact age of millennials but it’s been agreed upon that millennials were born between 1980 and 2000 and are the biggest generation in history. Millennials also demonstrate new behavior patterns compared to previous generations such as an affinity for technology, a strong sense of community, and an impressive ability to multi-task.

So for us marketers, how do we catch the attention of a tech-savvy, well-connected, multi-tasker? Many marketers believe diving into social media usage patterns holds the key. Take a look at our infographic below for some more detail broken down by social media platform!

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