It seems that there’s a new article every day that is stating the importance of new marketing tips. Whether it’s guaranteed to grow your followers or some other promise, these posts are a dime a dozen. But if you feel your pulse quicken at the sight of one of these “urgent” proclamations, know you’re not alone.

I went through a phase where I felt inundated with advice from a variety of thought leaders. Their success created a constant fear that if I didn’t follow their advice, I would fail. We here at MoxieDot have a few ways that you can gain back your sanity while still improving your business. Check out the 5 things to stop doing TODAY that will instantly take away some of that angst.

Marketing Tip #1: Stop Checking Your Numbers

In a time where the number of likes on an Instagram photo might make or break your day, it’s tough to just forget the numbers. By focusing solely on the numbers, you may not notice that you are lowering your standards for content in exchange for attention-grabbing, clickbait tactics. Although it’s hard to hear, there is no better way to grow a sustainable and engaged audience other than to create meaningful content. So go ahead and stop checking these social metrics for the time being and instead spend that time investing in curating content specifically designed for your demographic. You might be surprised by the quality of engagement you receive.

Marketing Tip #2: Stop Pretending

If your introverted, conservative aunt suddenly arrived at a get-together wearing a sequined, skin-tight dress while cackling at her own NSFW joke, you’d be confused. This confusion comes because your previous impression doesn’t match your most recent interaction. This results in feelings of unease and distrust because you can doubt the authenticity of the person. Now, apply this same concept to brands and businesses. If a brand you know and follow on social media suddenly changes its style abruptly, it can be jarring. While it’s good to follow how other brands represent themselves, it’s a slippery slope when it comes to mimicry. What works for one brand may not hold as a universal truth across the board.

Marketing Tip #3: Stop Forcing Yourself To Be On Every Platform

Marketers pride themselves on their ability to understand and empathize with a client. Consumer behavior and psychology classes have taught us how to study the ways of others in order to better problem solve. This can turn into an intuitive way of thinking, giving marketers a sense which direction to guide a client. If Snapchat doesn’t work for your business, don’t create an account. Don’t think Zomato is the review platform for you? Don’t create an account.  As a marketing professional, it’s your job to make business calls just like these. Your client is asking for your expertise so don’t force yourself on every platform imaginable if it’s not necessary or authentic to your brand. Just be prepared to back up your reasoning to get your client or co-workers on board.

Marketing Tip #4: Stop Being Vague & Get To The Point

You know that article… it has a six paragraph introduction before finally getting into the meat of the content. While suffering through the intro, you likely forget what the article is even about because it’s full of ambiguous anecdotes. One of the most important parts of creating quality content is ensuring that it’s easily digestible. There are limits to this as some pieces simply require background to drive home key points but for the most part, being concise is the best way to deliver the information. In fact, infographics routinely get shared as they are easy to read, quick to the point, and usually pleasing to look at. So just like any good break-up, be direct and get to the point.

Marketing Tip #5: Stop Thinking Inside The Box

Do you struggle to come up with blog post ideas? Are you looking to get some consumer data but don’t have the budget to pay for survey responses? Stop trying to solve these problems via traditional means.  I have experimented recently by using less common sources of information as my inspiration. If you want to know what people really think about a certain topic, check out Reddit. Yes, the user interface is rough but you can see in real-time what people are saying about any given topic. You can also check out Quora and Yahoo! Answers for certain queries. While this is a lengthier approach, if you’re comfortable with ambiguity this may be an option for you.


Ultimately, if you focus on quality, consistency, and authenticity, you’re on the right path. If you’re looking for more help and advice, MoxieDot can answer any questions!

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