Bell-bottoms, colored iPods, Beanie Babies, acid wash, and platform flip flops all have something in common: they all were once major trends. As with most trends, they tend to make a big splash, gain traction, and then vanish. If a trend is lucky, it may become popular again but many trends don’t get that lucky.

For these reasons, the word “trend” is enough to give some of us hives. The word alone indicates something that is temporary, fleeting, or unexpected. Are these the words you want describing your business strategy? Most would reply with a resounding “no.”

Luckily for marketers, trends can help our companies take advantage of new technology or opportunities. Another unique trait of marketing trends? Some of them are here to stay. So take some notes and start putting the big marketing trends of 2017 below to use today!

Respect Influencer Marketing

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. We aren’t talking about those Instagrammers selling tea on every post. We are talking about true influencers. One of the most impactful parts of influencer marketing is gaining access to a niche audience for your product. With a surplus of bloggers and social celebrities, you can target niche groups who are most likely to care about your product or service. But be prepared to open up your wallet; what many perceive as a small expense underestimate the followings of some of these influencers.

Mobile is King

As more people shop, search, and communicate on their mobile devices, it makes sense that the marketing world is beginning to cater more to mobile. Looking to maintain a high SEO ranking? Make sure you’re ready with your mobile friendly site. Google has announced that they will soon begin listing mobile sites first, to better align with how their consumers are behaving. So keep an eye on mobile, everyone else will.

Don’t Question Quizzes

Go ahead and try and find a person who hasn’t taken a Buzzfeed quiz… but what makes them so popular? These quizzes provide interactive content, therefore capturing the audience’s attention. Unlike more standard content, this interactive content gives instant gratification:  Wondering “What Career Should You Actually Have?” Take the quiz and you’ll know within a matter of minutes.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience without any barriers. You can share content in real time while allowing for a more authentic feel. In a world full of filters, this option can show a genuine behind the scenes glimpse of life. So go ahead and get familiar with seeing live streaming on your Instagram stories!

Buy Buttons Are Big

You may have noticed when you scroll through your Instagram feed that you can “shop now.” Social shopping is a new way of allowing customers to see something they like on social media and instantly buy it. This is helping to make Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest an active way of interacting with an audience rather than a more passive way.


So now you know what to keep an eye out for this year. See how other brands take advantage of these trends and let that inspire you to do the same. Want help using these trends to grow your own business? Reach out to MoxieDot today; we would love to help!

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