You know you need to live stream to better connect with your audience but you aren’t quite ready to press the magic button. Why’s that? You still have some lingering questions!

Feeling like you haven’t fully mastered how to take control of live streaming is a completely normal feeling but it’s one you need to work through. Live streaming is a great way to encourage engagement, listen to your consumer, collect valuable data, and promote your brand.

If you are almost ready to jump in and get started but just need a few more answers, we’ve got your covered! Read on and take notes!:

How often should I live stream?

Sorry to start off with a vague answer but this is unique to your brand. If you experience high engagement in an industry where your audience routinely asks questions, you could live stream as often as several times a week to several times a day. If you’re working with a less engaged audience or your content is on the more boring side (no offense!), you may not choose to stream as often which is totally fine!

How long should I live stream for?

While the magic number varies brand by brand, some experts say 20 minutes is a universally agreeable number. 20 minutes might sound like an eternity to you but if you have high engagement and you’re fielding tons of questions, you’ll lose track of time!

Where should I film my live stream?

This is up to you but we recommend you keep two things in mind: 1) Lighting and 2) Background. Lighting is key just so that the audience can easily see you and what you’re talking about. The background matters because you want your content to pop and not have viewers distracted and asking about what’s going on behind you. We recommend natural lighting in front of a blank wall.

Does it matter what I look like in my live stream?

Umm, yes! But still be true to yourself. You don’t need to be stuffy and overly formal but remember that this video is an extension of your brand. So if your company prides itself on being quirky and unique, make sure your appearance matches that persona. For example, if a local bakery shop was doing a live stream, I wouldn’t expect them to be decked out in a formal suit but I might question their hygiene if they appear unkempt.

Do I personally need to be the person to live stream?

No… unless you’re the person right for the job, meaning don’t pass on the gig simply because you don’t feel comfortable. If you have someone that could do as well as you, if not better, then that’s fine. But don’t sacrifice quality simply because you don’t want to get in front of the camera!


Now that we’ve answered all of your last minute live streaming questions, you have no choice but to plan your first live stream! Don’t let your nerves get the best of you! Simply relax and remember, no one knows your content better than you!

Still have some burning live streaming questions? Reach out to us at Six Stories and we’d love to help!

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