Hashtags have become an integral part of our modern culture. Twitter introduced this as a keyword search feature in 2009. Now, it has become very popular in social media and it can be seen in people’s posts everywhere. It acts as a conversation starter and unifies people who talk about the same idea. Also, it organizes similar content, enabling people to search similar ideas using the keywords in the hashtag.

Companies have utilized and optimized the use of hashtags in their engagement in social media. Simply Measured, a Social Analytics company, made a study on the world’s top 100 brands (Interbrand 100) and their Twitter activity. They found out that 67% of their tweets contain at least one hashtag. Through this, they let their consumers create a community centered in their product and effectively increase the scope of their market.

Improving Your Marketability Using Hashtags

It cannot be denied that hashtags have become relatively useful in marketing. If you are an entrepreneur who is just starting out or you have been in the business for a long time, you cannot ignore social media marketing as a large part of your market can be found online.

Here are some tips to improve your exposure and engagement with hashtags:

  • When creating a brand hashtag, use either your company name, your most popular product, or a tag line that you want your consumers to be familiar with. Make sure people can remember your brand hashtag with ease. You can also use this to interact with consumers’ inquiries.
  • Monitor trending hashtags and use them to creatively market your product. Find out what your market is talking about.
  • Use common hashtags for content marketing. This is also used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you can be more visible.

The next time you aim to market your company or your product, use hashtags. Effectively using hashtags may be one step closer to your success.


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