There are so many great tools out there for marketing that can help you analyze, organize, design, and manage your brand and business. These tools are available on almost all platforms (PC, smartphones, tablet, etc.) and are quite easy to use. Only some are free, but these have had a strong history of helping marketers gain a stronger presence online.

Adwords Performance Grader

This tool from WordStream helps with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Optimization and keyword research. You create your account, and the tool will grade your content. It will then suggest some steps on improving your AdWords campaigns, enabling you to become better at your craft. This is a free tool and is used by top marketers in managing their campaigns. It is also easy to learn and is friendly for beginners.


A local SEO tool, MozLocal helps businesses increase their local search presence. Just enter in details of your local business, and it will take care of the rest. SEO is important for online businesses since people tend to just look for the top results in their searches. If you’re looking for an SEO tool, MozLocal can be very helpful for you.


It is one of the simplest yet easy to use tools to manage your social media presence. This tool queues your posts on a set schedule, gives analysis on your content and a lot more. Buffer allows you to connect to all major social media platforms and also has a few blogs, which are excellent reads for marketers. Some of its basic features are free to use and the full features come at a price. I personally use this for my social media management and I really love it.


Visual content is one of the most crucial aspects of online marketing. Your images have to be catchy because online audiences will only take  a few seconds to look at your content. Prezi is a design tool where you can make next-level visuals, presentations, and infographics. It is easy to use, and there is already a community of designers that can help you in your visuals. It is definitely a must-have if you want your content to shine among others.

Google Analytics

If you are into analyzing the performance of your content and campaigns, Google Analytics is always your friend. It can track the popularity of your posts, and provide accurate and detailed data. All you have to do is read from those numbers and go from there. This tool is free of use and really easy to learn, despite its complexity. Google provides a lot of great how-to tutorials to help learn its platform as well.


What are your favorite digital marketing tools?

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