Nowadays, online marketing is the go-to of small and big business owners, entrepreneurs and the like, all competing to get their content recognized. However, as much as the Internet is a great platform for having an audience and growing your market, standing out is a lot harder. Your audience’s attention span is much less, and there are thousands of your competitors in being first on social media and search engines.

When you create content that’s addictive, your audience will surely go back to you again and again, each time wanting and expecting more from you.

Vengage reached out to 140 content marketing and SEO experts on their take on what does it take to have good and addictive content, and they have chosen 46 experts. They created an infographic of their output and published it in an ebook, and it is free. If you want in this new year to create great content and make it popular on social media, learn from these experts and follow their advice. And don’t forget to thank the guys at Vengage for their hard-work in their research!

46 Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content


Photo credits: Vengage

Pinky Columbres

Pinky Columbres

Pinky is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Ecological and Environmental Engineering with mastery on Waste Water Management. She has worked for international companies for 12 years, then later shifted to virtual work to accommodate motherhood. Since then, she has been working virtually for different clients around the globe as a Project Manager, Recruiter, Customer Support and took up many other roles that help support her clients in their businesses. In her spare time, Pinky loves reading, swimming, and spending time with family.