In the world of marketing and advertising, creativity has been an integrative part of the formula. The posters and commercials that we see, the songs and jingles we hear and enjoy, and the gimmicks that we experience, are all products of creative minds. Creativity has become so important (not just for marketing and advertising) that it has become a formal field of study.

We list some of the ten best magazines for creative (or wanna-be creative) people. Whether you are looking for inspiration to set those creative juices running, or want to just look at design ideas for your own brand and business, these magazines, which are available on the web and print will be the ones you need and will surely love. Again, the entries in this list are not in particular order.

1. Print 

Print is one of the go-to magazines out there for both design professionals and enthusiasts. It gives out tips on design and design theory, has a section on design culture and history, and a lot more. It’s rich in content and you’ll very much learn a lot from this mag. The print subscription is priced at $40.00 the digital at $19.95. And when you subscribe, you’ll receive a free download, Typography Today.

2. Advertising Age

This magazine is focused on marketing and advertising people, but you can learn a lot of creative ideas from successful companies. You get to learn the latest and most effective marketing strategies, as well as learning the creatives behind them. A good issue read is on the recent Super Bowl Ad Review since as one of the most-watched events in the US this year, the commercials have to have a higher level of creativity to sell.

3. Writing

Writing is arguably one of the oldest forms of communication, and it has grown so much that it has also become a formal study. Writing mag deals with tips and tricks for writing, from writing for pleasure to writing for book or paper publications. The content is for beginners and professionals alike, and this will help you become a better writer.

4. Poets & Writers

If you’re looking for writing inspiration and/or you’re following a great writer, this magazine is the right one for you. It features the lives and work of famous and emerging writers and poets. Maybe you’ll be able to adapt a certain writing style from them, and it might be the key to improve your writing skills.

5. Writer’s Digest

This magazine is focused more on writers who will want to publish their content and writing. You’ll get to learn a lot of techniques in technical writing, which is a skill that a lot of people in business must have. Of course, there are also sections for creative writing and expression. Here’s a good article on writing for the young adult audience. Since the young adult audience is the hottest market out there, writing content that appeals to them will be a good skill to have.

6. The Writer 

Another magazine for aspiring and professional writers, The Writer features articles from different genres of literature, writing to a specific audience, writing for publications, and many more. It also gives updates the lives of the present writers and poets. A subscription costs $32.95 for 1 year in the US, which is worth it since you’ll be getting a lot from the content.

The Top Ten Print Magazines For Creatives

7. Web Designer 

The Internet has been the number one marketing platform for a lot of business, and the need for creativity to survive in this constantly changing and volatile arena is there. Web Designer features articles on the trendings on web design, gives out inspiration for those who need one and tutorials for the ones who want to learn web design. You can learn HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop and more.

8. Layers 

Layers is another great go-to magazines for both beginners and professionals in the design industry. It has sections on web design, tutorials on Photoshop, Lightroom and others, photography and filmmaking. It also has articles on tips from the top designers in their fields. Here’s an article on 5 photographers who stepped out of their comfort zones which resulted to growth. Maybe stepping out of your comfort zone will be the start of your big break.

9. Net 

If you’re a web designer and developer, the Net magazine is a good one to read. It features the latest trends on web design and programming, tips on HTML, CSS, Javascript coding and more, and it has a wealth of inspiration that you might just need to get you going. Subscriptions are relatively pricey as compared to the other entries in this list – $167.00 for the print and digital bundle, but it’s worth every penny because of the things you’ll learn from this.  

10. Communication Arts 

Since pictures speak a thousand words, having the right visuals to exactly communicate what you want to your market audience is essential. Communication Arts magazine helps you with that – it features articles on different disciplines of art such as photography, typography and advertising, sets up a gallery on the latest art, and a lot more.

Like we said in our past articles, the key to success in your field is read, read and read some more. The knowledge that you will get from these magazines will translate to a skill that you will develop, and that will help you in being a better designer, writer or an entrepreneur.

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